The artist

Throughout my life, curiosity has transported me on a journey that has not yet ended ...

A journey full of boldness coupled with a touch of madness and irreverence.

Live outside the rules, like someone who is always looking for something more, something different, something fresh.

Living with the right dose of adrenaline that intrigue and ambitious recklessness provide, has made my life experience and my professional experience an unusual and unconventional mixture.

My Pieces reflect, as in the pieces of a puzzle, the restlessness, by the experimentation, in the materials, the textures, the Colors, the styles, the ideas. And just like in a puzzle, the perfect coordination and harmony to reach an optimal result.

I present my combinations with an unusual intention, full of vigor and energy only for those, who like me, prefer the descomplicacion united to the peculiarity.

Graciela Carri├│n